1. Overview

1.1. Goals

The goals of the Stork project are as follows:

  • to provide monitoring and insight into ISC Kea DHCP operations, and to eventually add them for ISC BIND 9
  • to provide alerting mechanisms that indicate failures, fault conditions, and other unwanted events in ISC Kea DHCP, and eventually ISC BIND 9, services
  • to permit easier troubleshooting of these services

1.2. Architecture

Stork is comprised of two components: the Stork Server and the Stork Agent.

The Stork Agent is installed along with Kea DHCP or BIND 9 and interacts directly with those services. There may be many agents deployed in a network, one per machine.

The Stork Server is installed on a stand-alone machine. It connects to any indicated agents and indirectly (via those agents) interacts with the Kea DHCP and BIND 9 services. It provides an integrated, centralized front end for interacting with these services. Only one Stork Server is deployed in a network.